BalanceNrenew cooks are experienced in Vegetarian and Vegan cooking, Soul Food, American cuisine, and more. BalanceNrenew provides delicious food and the highest quality service at affordable prices. Let us delight your taste buds and spice up your event! 

 pictured  - Vegan BBQ  

A Message from the Heart

At BalanceNrenew, we strive to

Incorporate flavor and love in all meals. We aim to provide you quality and goodness, all bundled up at an affordable price. Our style and love for food make the needs of our clients a priority. 

From Asian to Soul cuisine, we cater a variety of flavorful, yummy food. 

Bon Appetit!

Shrimp Fried Rice 

Vegetables and rice mixed with Asian spices and a healthy soy sauce substitute, topped with jumbo shrimp.

Southern Peach Cobbler 

Fresh peaches dripping in sweet juices covered in a delicate flaky crust.


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Services require a 50% deposit.

All major credit cards accepted through PayPal. 

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All purchases are taxed 5% of the total at checkout.

Once your deposit is received, we will contact you to confirm details and balances. 

Additional charges and premium charges are added to the balance.

Contact us for small groups and home-cooking classes minimum $20 order for delivery services 

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What our customers are saying

“For an event, I catered the Vegan BBQ meat from BalanceNrenew. It was delicious. The guests complimented the yummy flavors. Even the non-vegans enjoyed it.

Thanks, BalanceNrenew.” 


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