Meet Enika Fluellen, Founder of BalanceNrenew

I come from humble beginnings in LA’s West Adams district, where at times violence and discord usurped our neighborhood. My mom cooked for hours, conjuring up delectable creations made to be shared with neighborhood kids and families, nourishing and unifying our community. I'd never know whom I’d come home to, laughing and enjoying the fruit of my mom’s labor.

Drawing from ten years of experience in the food industry, I recreated my family recipes while finding adaptions to reflect my new lifestyle. Throughout my life, and while in school,  I would share my food and entertain with family, peers, and professors. My guest were amazed at my creativity and left feeling loved, and they always requested menu items and party ideas. Through my BalanceNrenew Catering and Event Planning services, I share my great food and gift for planning with others. 

Let’s face it: there is not enough time in a day for the activities and circumstances that most people deal with daily.  At BalanceNrenew, we try our best to make things a little easier for you and your family. We believe that it takes a village, and that’s why we’re here to help with event planning, catering, and more. BalanceNrenew was created to nurture, rebuild, and empower the soul. We believe in supporting individuals, families, and communities in everyday life activities. Check out more services below.

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